Take advantage of the best eco-tour with Captain Gus Bustamante as exploring Miami’s nature and inhabitants has never been more fun. This three hour cruise is not only education, but provides a peek into South Florida’s preserved natural habitats.

The most common wildlife seen on our eco-tour include birds, crabs, stingrays, small sharks and fish. At times, we may also see dolphins and manatees.

One location is included in the eco-tour and does not include a lunch. The boat will be shared with six total adults.


Amenities for our eco-tour include stand-up paddle boards, snorkelling equipment, a kayak, freshwater showers, digital photos and video and beverages.


Price: Weekdays $750 for 4 hours plus $150 per additional hour. Weekends and Holidays, $850 for 4 hours plus $150 per additional hour

Duration: 4 + hours

Capacity: 6 people