Is there an age requirement on the boat?

There is no age requirement for the Smooth Operator during most charters. We ask that children must be accompanied by a legal guardian who will be responsible for their supervision. Our sightseeing and barhopping cruises are for adults only.

Do guests need to bring anything?

At Boat Adventures Miami, we can supply your party with sunblock and towels, but it is recommended that you bring your own. We also provide a large cooler for food and drinks, but you’re welcome to bring whatever necessities applicable for your adventure. While these items are not required, we also recommend water shoes and sunglass. For all excursions, we provide paddleboards, beach umbrellas, kayaks, floaties, and water toys.

Do you rent paddleboards, kayaks, snorkel equipment, or rent your boat?

Unfortunately, we do not rent our equipment out as they are apart of our all-inclusive tours.

How many guests can join us on a tour?

Your group can consist of a maximum of 6 people.

What is the difference between a full day vs. the half-day sessions?

Our full day tours include an 8-hour session while our half day tours go for about 4 hours. The full-day tours also include a BBQ lunch, while the half day only includes snacks. Activities are all offered as part of a full day and half day tours. Depending on the weather, you can customize your tour to do any or all of: floating, playing with water toys, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, and more.

How much is a the customary tip/gratuity for a charter?

A customary tip is 17%-20% which is not included in the total price of the charter.  The Captain is not only responsible for taking you on your tour safely, but also setting up equipment, cooking, taking photos, launching kayaks, cleaning and more.